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Bachelor: Brad Womack…Episode 3

Well, hello everyone! Sorry I am a little late with my blog. Monday was a busy day for me as Stephen and I went surfing with the Stagliano family and then I had a wonderful girls night with some great friends as we gushed over the Bachelor. I spent Tuesday recovering. :)

Monday’s episode was better than the last, I’ll admit that first. Next, I’ll admit, I just love Emily. When I think about Monday night’s episode, she stands out most to me in such a good way. If you follow me on twitter, the only thing I tweeted was, “I LOVE Emily…and so does Brad!”. Emily is a beautiful woman, inside and out. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine. She handles herself with so much grace, strength, pride, respect, and dignity. She has endurred some tough things in life and has definitely come out on top of everything. She is a beautiful woman, a strong mother, and will make some man very happy one day. Brad is clearly taken with Emily also…just as he should be. I can tell this because, Brad gets so nervous around Emily. He looks at her, her beauty, and who she is as a woman and it almost stuns him. When Brad was opening his heart and telling Emily about the way he felt about her, I knew it was all true. His words were real because he said things to her that were very similar to things he once said to me. I’m glad to see Brad opening up so much and sharing true feelings so early on. This is a different Brad than the one I once met just three years ago! Love is in the air!!

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let’s discuss the rest of the episode. I do not think I need to rehash the entire episode. If you are reading my blog, I’m assuming you saw the episode or have already read the millions of other blog’s out there. ;) How about the date with Ashley S?! Brad and Ashley S should definitely keep their day jobs! Singing is not their forte! Not only did their singing make my skin crawl but, it also gave me and Stephen a great laugh!! What good sports those two were. It was hilarious!! The reward for that embarrassing moment….listening to a private performance with Seal. Well deserved. I think back in the day, we all loved Seal and his “Kissed by a Rose”. It is a beautiful love song. I was glad that this date also brought warmness to Ashley’s heart and made her think of her father. It’s terribly hard to loose a parent and so wonderful when we can be reminded of them.

The group date…filming an action movie. Seems like tons of fun. I think its safe to know that Brad Womack will not be persuing an acting career after the Bachelor! Hahaha! Just teasing you, Brad! The girls seemed to have tons of fun with this as they should have. And then there was creepy Michelle. What is with this girl?! She is very pretty and super hot but, why be the crazy girl?! Come on sister, get it together! No man really likes the crazy girl. They may like them for one night but, crazy girls cannot be turned into a house wife! I’d say Michelle is either putting on a show for production or, she’s just flat out got a little crazy in her! :) My advice to Michelle…and every other girl on this show as well as dating in general…be honest. You cannot have a relationship based off of dishonesty. Be yourself and be proud of who you are…good or bad. You will find someone who will love you and except you for who you are…all the baggage, all the good, all the bad…everything.

It was a nice surprise to see Shawntel recieve a “date rose”. I believe she deserved it. Great acting skills, she tried hard, and the make-out scene…totally worth a guarantee through this rose ceremony. ;) Now she has ample opportunity to continue to open up and see if there is a genuine connection between her and Brad.

On with the rose ceremony…blah, blah. Not much to hit on here other than Chantal O. Yes, I have heard the rumors about her and Brad although, I have not read any blog’s and I am desperately trying to ignore the rumors. I enjoy watching the show and being surprised. I want to see the connection and relationships develop on their own. I LOVE surprises!! With that said, this is the first moment where we saw a connection with Brad and Chantal. From the looks of their comfortablitly with each other, I think this connection is days old and we just haven’t been shown it until now. Brad also opened up to Chantal. He revealed to her his true feelings. I heard truth behind those words..take it or leave it. I think there is a love story there that will blossom before our eyes. Now to hit the elephant in the blog…Madison. I respect Madison’s decision to leave. She wasn’t feeling the connection and I totally commend someone who can admit that and leave such a wonderful experience. I find it commendable. I think Madison underestimated the experience going in to it and then later regreted not being true to herself from day one. She is beautiful and looked fabulous in that low cut number at the rose ceremony. You go girl! She will find the vampire loving, hot man, who loves her and respects her…unconditionally!

Last but, definitely not least….Alli. Girl, I just liked you that much more with your “pit stains” comment! Ladies, you know you have all thought the same thing a time or two! :) I hate it when I get sweaty! I may not get pit stains…but, when I get nervous…my whole face pours out in sweat! If you all remember back to my season with Brad…on our fantasy date, I was getting ready to tell him that I was falling for him. All the sudden, it switches to another seen and my hair is pulled up in a pony tail. That’s because I was dripping with sweat because I was soooo nervous! So unnattractive! HAHAHAHA!

~I want to take just a moment to answer a few questions that you all posted for me! Thanks for doing this…it’s my favorite part!!

Cindy asked, “Do you think Brad has changed?” Yes, I do Cindy. I can only hope so. I believe he genuinely wants to find someone to share his life with. We’re humans, its in our nature. ;)

Kristy A asked, “How much time and activities occur between contestants and the Bachelor that don’t make the show? Is there any regular hangout time or all scheduled activities/dates? Where did you get your dress that you wore in the first episode?” Kristy, you have to remember that this is a reality show. Out of a 24 hour day, we are filmed the majority of the time..all except showering and sleeping. So, in the one hour episode, excluding commercials, there is no way to fit it all in. Production chooses to put the best stuff in that fits the story line of that episode or the entire series. All of the dates are scheduled. The personal interviews are scheduled. Rose ceremonies are scheduled. If you aren’t on a date, you are pretty much free to do your own thing at the house…with a camera around ;) . My dress from the first episode was a Dolce & Gabbana.

Erika Jill wrote, “Is there internet for the contestants to talk with their family or closest friends? What is your most embarrassing moment from The Bachelor or Bachelorette?” Erika, there is no internet or telephones for that matter. Now, I will say this, production does make exceptions for people with children and people who absolutely have to do some business for their work. As long as it is approved before hand. My most embarrassing moment came from my season of  The Bachelor. For those of you who watched my season with Brad, know that I became closest friends with McCarten Delaney from that season. (we are still great friends to this day…I love my little Lint Licker!) We were hiding from the camera’s at the bottom of the house by a hot tub that no one ever used. I stepped in and fell straight to my bum! It hurt so bad! I didn’t want anyone to know I had fallen in fear that it would make the show so, McCarten ran up to our room to bring me dry clothes. Once we both made it back upstairs to our room, I was bent over…bare butt in McCarten’s face as she was putting neosporin on my wound and bandaid’ing it up for me when a production crew member walked in. He didn’t realize what was going on and was totally embarrassed when he thought he walked in on us getting a little freaky! So awkward. Days later, I was in a swimsuit around Brad. He thought I had dirt on my back…no, it was the humongous bruise that my little tumble left for me!! :)   :)   :) Not many people know that story but, McCarten and I laugh about it to this day!!

Hope you all enjoyed the blog and my little tid bits of the behind the scene’s. Feel free to leave a comment or a question that you would like me to answer on next week’s blog!!



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