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Bachelor: Brad Womack week 2

Another Bachelor episode down…more Bachelor talk to blog about. First off, I had the opportunity of watching some of this episode at the EXTRA studio last night with the beautiful Terri Seymour. Just a couple of girls…watching The Bachelor! It will air tonight. (Check your local listings)extra2extra

I have to pick and choose the things I would like to talk about in this blog. Unfortunately, I found last night’s episode kind of boring. :( I hate saying that. But, with that said, there was a bit of drama…so, we’ll start there. What is with Michelle?! I thought in the beginning that I really liked her but, by the end of last night’s episode…I started to feel like there was a bit of crazy behind her eyes! So, it was her 30th birthday…HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE. I have to admit, even I got sick of hearing about her birthday. She also became a bit competitive. Here’s the thing…people get confused once this process begins. For some people, I believe this becomes more of a competition that they want to win..rather than finding a wonderful person to share a relationship with. For Michelle, I haven’t quite figured her out yet. With that said, I know I don’t like how she talks like the other women are below her. That’s never a good attitude to have and I find it more unnattractive than anything. Next in the drama, came Melissa and Raichel. Needless to say, I think we all say what came of that bit of drama. Melissa and Raichel joined the legacy of the departed. It’s never good to see a grown woman cry but, ladies…you have to be true to yourself and not get sucked into the unneccesary drama! A tip of advice here, DO NOT waste the five minutes you have with the Bachelor to discuss your drama with the other women. No man wants a woman with drama…PERIOD.

As for the dates, I loved the date with Ashley H. It seems as though Brad and Ashley H had a lot of fun and really great conversation. One thing was missing though…the chemistry. We’ll see if anything transpires there…

I also loved the group date with the Red Cross. Charity work is always a beautiful thing. We had the opportunity to join in and help save lives this past Saturday at the Red Cross in Woodland Hills. Let’s be honest though, the filming and making out in takes was just a ploy to get good tv. ;) Brad, as Gustovo, was pretty comical though!








Jackie gets the “Pretty Woman” date. Such a wonderful date for a woman. What girl doesn’t love to get time at the spa, an abundant amount of designer dresses to choose from, add the make-up; the dream date we all wish we could afford! Brad was a nice touch too! :) Just like the others, I loved this date….but still, the passion was missing. I’m curious, did anyone else see when Jackie totally tried to kiss Brad???

Not much to say about the Rose Ceremony. Too much drama for me between Melissa and Raichel. The look on Brad’s face read, too much drama for him as well. The only chemistry I saw in this entire episode, was with Brad and Emily. Brad get’s shy and nervous around Emily. That’s a good sign. My feelings stay the same…Emily is defintely in the final two. If she doesn’t end up with Brad, she will be the next Bachelorette.

Now, a lot of you send me a ton of questions about the production side of the show. I thought I would take a few sentences to address some of those.

~Remembering the names of people at the rose ceremonies….a producer pulls the Bachelor aside and gives the names they want recited in a certain order. Plus, it helps the Bachelor or Bachelorette to remember everyone’s name under pressure. To be honest, you’ve known these people for a matter of three days…you can’t remember their names! The show is edited so you do not see the Bachelor or Bachelorette leaving after every 3 or 4 names are called.

~Calling home to our families…as contestants, you are not allowed to use the phone to call your mama, sister, or best friend for that matter. But, production does make an exception for people with children. Come on people, the production company isn’t that cold hearted to keep you from speaking to your two year old!

~Why are the contestants always crying when they have only known the bachelor or bachelorette for a short period of time…it seems ridiculous, I know…all those unneccessary tears being shed. As viewers, I always ask people to remember all the things involved. These women/men are seperated from their families 3 or 4 days prior to the start of filming. Which in turn means that have been cooped up without being able to talk to their loved ones before ever meeting the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Mix in the alcohol, the rejection from a hot human being, the experience ending, and the exhaustion…this equals tears for GREAT TELEVISION!

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