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The Bachelor…Brad Womack returns!!

Well, I’m right there with the rest of the millions of viewers in saying, I watched The Bachelor this past Monday night. I know…I know, I fight myself after every season and say that I am not going to watch the next season. Wait! Who am I kidding?!?!? I enjoy to watch this show! Every since I was on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, I totally enjoy getting together with my girlfriends, eating yummy food, drinking good wine, and gossiping over The Bachelor and The Bachelorette!!

This new season of The Bachelor, with Brad Womack, definitely hits close to home for me. For those of you reading this and don’t know who I am, I was on Brad’s first season of  The Bachelor that he also starred in. I was the girl left standing, dazed and confused because Brad didn’t choose me. Let’s be honest here, not only was I angry and upset, I was also sad and devasted. I fell in love….or at least what I thought was my version of love at the time. Brad broke my heart. At that point in my life, I thought I was meant to be with him. He is a handsome, fun loving, polite, and genuine southern man. What more could a lil’ ole’ gal from Newnan,Georgia ask for?!!?!?

Well folks, all that ends sadly…becomes well??  Wait, that’s not the correct quote…anyway, what I meant is as simple as this, Brad dumped me…I was sad for a bit…in the end, we are great friends and I have thanked him for making the best decision he could. I became The Bachelorette, had my chance to find love, and years later have found the best man for me! For Brad, things were a little different. He caught so much slack and heat for making his decision. I think that is sad. He truly believed he was doing the right thing and people across America hated him for it.

Now things have come full circle and Brad is back!!  I know the first episode may have caught you off guard a little…thirty new women, one HOT man with a new huge tatoo on his back, and then there was Jenni and myself. I am very proud of Jenni. She is married now and did a very good job of standing up for herself and her opinions. I am also very proud of myself. I was skeptical as to why Brad was doing this show again. Skeptical just like the rest of you people out there. To all of the people who are skeptical of me, please do not confuse this with still being in love with Brad. For the last time, I AM NOT STILL IN LOVE WITH BRAD WOMACK! I am just a woman who got her heart broken by this man and doesn’t want to see that happen to anyone else. What you guys also don’t understand, Brad and I have been friends since our show. We have had many conversations about his experience with The Bachelor and my experience with The Bachelorette. From what he has said to me, privately, I NEVER thought he would think twice about doing this show again! Hence the skepticism. In the end, I voiced my concern to Brad…whether it means anything or not. But Brad, just as any of us, deserves to be loved. After meeting my fiance’, Stephen, and knowing what real love is….I can only hope that Brad finds that on this season of The Bachelor. Jillian Harris said it very well, we all need to give Brad a break…everyone deserves a second chance.

Moving right along….the women!!  So many great women on this season. More importantly, so many great night one dresses!! This “night one” was very formal. The dresses were beautiful.  A change from the past. You all may not have the same opinion as me but, I really liked Michelle’s dress. The print reminded me of that low cut, unforgetable dress that JLo once wore while she was dating Puff Daddy…wait, P. Diddy. Oh hell, what’s his name now?!?! I also liked Stacey’s hot, short number. Va va voom! I thought Emily looked STUNNING as well!

I’m not sure how the producers always convince people to do silly things to try and catch the attention of The Bachelor or Bachelorette but, people will do whatever it takes, I guess. Slapping the Bachelor, high kicks in a short but, cute dress, jumping into The Bachelor’s lap, and slapping a kiss on him when he least expects it; pretty much covers the spectrum this season. Wait…wait..wait just a second! I almost forgot, we have  a real life vampire on this season! How do I respond to that?! I love Edward Cullen too. Let’s be honest though, Stephen would be concerned for me if I came home wearing a pair of fangs!

So, as night one comes to an end, all the women I like for Brad were given roses. I like Michelle for Brad. I believe she can keep up with his fitness level and always keep him intrigued…with the physical attraction. I LOOOVVVE Emily. If  Brad doesn’t choose her, I will. No, I’m just kidding. If Emily isn’t Brad’s final one, she will be the next Bachelorette. I really like Ashley S. She’s really sweet…maybe too sweet. But, I have to root on my fellow southern gals! I also like Stacey. I believe we will see a connection there. Remember, Brad owns numerous bars…Stacey can definitely hang in his lifestyle.

Before I close, I have to get one thing off my chest:

Jill, saying Jenni and I looked like idiots because Brad didn’t choose us…was a little harsh, don’t you think?!?!?

Just teasing everyone. Don’t get your panties in a wad because my sarcasm may not come through in typed words… ;)

Tuesday, January 11th is a new day and another day after a rose ceremony. I look forward to getting to know these girls more and seeing their connection with Brad. I also look forward to getting to know Brad more…as he said it, he feels like he has never let people get to know the real “Brad”. Bring it on! :)



~For those of you in the LA area wanting to meet past contestants of The Bachelor and Bachelorette, The American Red Cross is doing a blood drive on Saturday, January 8th…Stephen and I will be there along with Brad Womack, Chris Harrison, and many others unforgetable contestants! Come out for a good cause!!

6338 Variel Ave.

Woodland Hills, CA 91367

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