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The Bachelor: Episode 4

Let me start this blog with a few things…off the topic. First off, I am so sorry for the delay with my blog. I really do try to get my blog taken care of in a speady fashion. This week was just tough with some work in the way and then Stephen and I were trying to take care of some wedding planning. Good news, we found a pastor who we love to marry us! We are super excited! The pastor is very funny, relateable, and has a beautiful way of speaking the word of God. We are so excited to have this detail checked off of our “to do” list! Next up, I very much appreciate everyone being so responsive and kind with my blog post’s. I do appreciate the constructive criticism as well. Just like I said from day one, I am not a writer. I do my best to use my spell check, correct my gramatical errors, and have other people proof read my blogs before I post them. But, at the end of the day, I am only human and I make mistakes….gramatical mistakes that apparently drive people crazy. Sorry…sorry…sorry. That’s all I can say. I’m trying here people! ;)

Now, on with The Bachelor!! I know it’s Thursday. I know that by now, you have all seen the episode and probably have read a hundred other blogs with people’s thoughts and predictions. If you care to hear mine, late or not ;) , read on. If you don’t care, then stop here and check back next week after Monday night’s episode! :)

Not a whole lot of hooks in this episode. Only a few things to touch on here. I’ll start with Michelle’s black eye. Where in the world did that come from?!?! Sadly, she even looks beautiful with a black eye! Listen, Michelle is great television. Which ever casting company casted her for this season…well, hats off to you!! Michelle definitely has a little “crazy” in her but, to be honest, I am unsure whether we are seeing the entire Michelle here. With television, it’s so easy to portray someone in just one way. Now, I am not excusing Michelle’s crazy comments, the nasty remarks she makes about the girls, or her eagerness to nab Brad in the sack; I am just simply stating that it is easy to only portray this “crazy” characteristic that Michelle is showing us. I am sure somewhere deep down inside Michelle, she is a sweet woman with good morals and values. (Sarcastic face here) Just kidding everyone! Here’s your poll for the week: Who gave Michelle her black eye? A) Michelle, herself.   B) Brad…when she was “nabbing” him in the sack.    C) One of the girls in the house? ie…Ashley S, Ashley H, or Chantal O.

Moving right along. We get a “one-on-one” date with Chantal O. Gotta love The Bachelor and the helicopters! To be honest, Stephen and I always fly in a helicopter to and from dinner! Nah, on a serious note, I love that Brad and Chantal got to spend some quality time on Catalina Island. It looked like tons of fun…minus the muggy water they were walking around in! The conversation between the two of them seems to flow very nicely and casually considering the obvious. I like Chantal O. She reminds me of myself. My one word of advice to Chantal O is this, just let go! Let the love happen. Stop utilizing your time with Brad to dwell on your insecurities. This is a very tough experience for the women involved and for Brad. It’s hard to surpress how you are feeling and hard to ignore the jealousy. In the end, no one wants a mate that they have to continue to reassure them that everything is ok. It gets exhausting. Believe me, I know from experience.

The group date was the same ole’ thing….a bunch of girls competing for the Bachelor’s time and attention. Being from the show, I understand it. Looking at it as an outsider, I would think, “Get a grip ladies! No woman should chase a man around for nothing in return!” But, that’s real life and we aren’t in real life, are we?!?!?!  We’re in “Bachelor world”. Be patient ladies. I can promise, Brad has known who he wants to get to know more from day one. You will get your time.

Wrapping things up with the rose ceremony. All I have to talk about is how GORGEOUS Emily looked in that stunning blue dress! It fit her like a glove! The blue hue of that dress complimented her complexion so beautifully that she could not have made a better choice! A+ for Emily! Now, I know you all are thinking that I just adore Emily so much that she can do no wrong in my eyes. Not true. I do adore Emily and just from what I am seeing, she is a beautiful woman…inside and out. With that said, I need to see more of who Emily is as a person. We, as viewers, have not gotten to know who Emily really is yet. I believe that stands true for Brad as well. Emily is very well poised and put together but, is that because she is being so guarded that she is hiding something? I sure hope not!

Please feel free to post a comment, question, or your answer to my poll about Michelle this week. I love hearing from you guys and all your thoughts on not just the Bachelor but, anything else you want to share or ask me!



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