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This Blog Thing…

First and foremost, I’ve had this beautiful website for almost three years now and just don’t utilize it like I should. So, I decided with 2011 being a new year…I will also make an effort to do new things. Hence the new blog!

For those of you reading this blog, and know who I am…Thank you! Thank you for always supporting me in all that I do. For those of you reading this blog, and don’t know who I am….get ready!

I am a southern girl. Most of you know me from following along as I publicly set out on a quest for love on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette; two experiences that I am so thankful for! However, finding love was such a small part of who I am. Now that I have finally found true love, I think it’s time to let you all know more about me as a woman….

I am a woman who has been through so much in life. My mother passed away from Cancer when I was just twelve years old. She was the strongest woman that I have ever known. I credit all of my strength to her. My mother showed me that people do have the will to live, change, grow, be better human beings, and follow the Lord. This was so important in my life, as I only have a few memories of my mother being a healthy woman….as she struggled with cancer for almost 9 years before loosing her battle.  I have a wonderful older brother and a beautiful younger sister that I am extremely protective over. I chose to make parts of my life public but, they did not. This is why I am always trying to protect them. I have an amazing father. A man that I have grown to trust and the father that I call for anything involving my life. Although my father and I have an amazing relationship now, life was not always that easy for us.

I am a woman that has loyal friends. Friends that I am also very protective over. I have friends that I have known for twenty years and I have new friends that I have made along the way in my adventurous life. All of my friends mean the world to me and play such a special part in my life. I am a woman that loves family. I have fabulous Aunts, Uncles and cousins. I love them all dearly. I am also a woman that has finally found love. Aahhhh, it feels so good to say that!! After many of you have watched me publicly face heartbreak time, after time…after time, I now know that I had to endure all of those heartaches to learn a ton of life lessons. All of the pain, sadness, happiness, love, and wonderful people that I have had the opportunity to share my life with, have all prepared me for the relationship that I have finally found. I patiently waited for a wonderful man to come into my life and rescue me. Well, contrary to what I thought I needed, I didn’t need to be rescued. I needed a man that would respect me, a man that would support me, a man that would tell me when I’m being stubborn and rude, a man that would affirm me every day, a man that would bring me closer to God, a man that I could laugh with, a man that would understand me, and most importantly…a man that would love me unconditionally. I am so happy to admit that I have found that man. Stephen is the man that has brought so much light into my life. I now know what it is like to love unconditionally…good or bad…through sickness and health…and until death parts us. FEELS SO GREAT TO TELL YOU ALL THESE THINGS!!!

Now that I got that off of my chest, I would like to tell you all the other parts of me! :) I am a woman who loves to cook. I cook…not bake! There is a difference. I love food…all food. I love to eat, that has never been a secret! I am a woman who loves to golf, even though I’m not very good at it! I’m a dork who loves to sit at home and play board games with Stephen and Michael Stagliano because they are two of the funniest people I have ever met in my entire life! I love my dog, Lady. I find it hard to ever understand how I could love anything more than I love her…silly, I know. I am a woman who is planning my own wedding and I don’t even know where to start! I am a woman who loves LOVE. All the good, the bad, and the ugly pieces of love. With LOVE, comes realtionships. I love hearing about them and I love giving advice about them. I am a woman of God, I am a woman who goes to church, and I am a woman who prays daily. I am a realestate agent. I’m a realestate agent who is struggling in this unfriendly realestate economy. I am a woman who hates working out. I am a woman who knows what I want and is willing to work hard to get it. I am a television host. I have been lucky enough to break into this TV world and have found a career that I love. Being a television host has become my passion. I am a woman who loves to read the tabloid magazines. I am a woman who loves to watch TMZ and E! News. I am a woman who loves all things pop culture. I am a woman who loves to grocery shop. Don’t ask why…because I don’t have an answer for you. As well as grocery shopping , I love getting the weekly deals in the mail every week from the grocery store to tell me what’s on sale that week. I am a woman who love to find a good deal. First place I shop, is on the sale racks. I am a woman who loves giving my thoughts and comments…whether you ask for them or not. I am a woman who is the first to admit that I am not rich, I am a struggling television host, I work hard for everything that I have, and I have bills…lots of them.  I am a woman that has good days and bad days. I am a woman that has very thick skin but, some times the nasty things written about me, do get to me. I am not perfect nor do I ever pretend to be. I have faults and hope that you all will give me grace with them.

With all of that said, I would love to use my new blog as a forum to talk about whatever I am interested in at that time. Could be Stephen, could be Lady, could be my advice on love, could be realestate, or it could be about the shirt I purchased off the sale rack at the Gap. I hope that you all will read my blog’s with an open mind, open heart, and with constructive criticism, wink, wink.

 Please excuse me with my mispellings and gramtical errors. Please bare with my opinions and thoughts. This is my blog but, I am not always right…..and I am wroking on being able to admit that!



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