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Bachelor: Episode 5

Here we are, yet another Tuesday…back to the land of roses. Last night’s episode of The Bachelor was a doozie! More crying ladies, more over the top dates, and more snarky comments from Michelle. Phew, say that three times fast!

We’ll start with the extravagant, pretty woman style, one on one date with Shawntel. This date is every girls dream! Every woman loves to be spoiled….if you are saying no right now, you are lying!! I believe Shawntel totally deserved this date. She enjoyed herself, she enjoyed her time with Brad, and she seemed very thankful for the shopping spree. That rates A+ in my book! Brad seemed to enjoy this shopping spree for Shawntel as well, but let’s be honest here… straight man loves shopping as much as Brad played it off! I think if the camera’s were set aside, Brad would be like any other man…sitting in the mall on a bench saying, “Are we done yet?!” A+ to you too my dear friend for being such an enthusiastic shopper! With all of that said, Brad and Shawntel’s second part of the date at dinner was quite awkward. It’s totally ok to be proud of your career but, it’s not ok to spend more than five minutes on a first date going into detail about it. I mean, with as much as Shawntel explained about embalming dead people, I could pretty much do it! At least one good thing came of Shawntel’s lecture…Brad seemed to get a real good laugh out of it in his personal interviews!

Speeding right ahead into the Nascar themed driving date. Other than the girls’ cattiness on this date, there is only one thing to discuss here…..Emily. I am right there with the rest of the millions of viewers when I say, my heart broke for Emily while watching this. When I first realized how upset Emily was, my reaction was to be angry at the producers for putting Emily in this predicament. I was so sad to see someone have to be forced into so much heartache, so openly, and without any warning to prepare herself; but, in the end, Emily handled it with so much grace. As a matter of fact, I believe this date was more therapeutic for Emily than anything . As she said it on the show, she drove the first couple of laps for Ricky, which was beautiful and so well deserved. The rest of the women were, unfortunately, kind of lost on this date. One thing I will just briefly touch on, during Brad’s one on one time with Chantal O., he called her “babe”. This is the first time we have heard a “pet” name come out of his mouth. I see the chemistry between Brad and Chantal O. It’s a chemistry that I have yet to see between him and any other women at this point.

On with the dreaded two on one date. The famous two on one date is never fun for any of the parties involved! On my season of The Bachelor with Brad, I was on a two on one date where he eventually sent home Jade. On my season of The Bachelorette, I had a very awkward two on one date with chef Robert and the ever so wonderful, Fred, where both men were sent home because I did not see a relationship with either of them. From both of those experiences, I can say without a doubt, the two on one date is so hard. Going in to it, The Bachelor or Bachelorette,always know who they want to keep and who they want to send home. Which makes it so hard because you pretty much have to fake it for hours for the sake of the show.  No one feels good about themselves after having to lie like that. It is draining and heart breaking. With that said, I felt so bad for Ashley S. Honey, you are gorgeous and full of life! Love will happen for you when you least expect it! Hang in there! As for Ashley H., my predictions are that you are not far behind Ashely S. I like you both but, sadly, I am not seeing any chemistry with Brad. Lastly, did anyone else think that Brad looked like a “Toy Story G.I. Joe” with all that make-up and that camouflage outfit?!?! Brad, I love you man, but that was not your best look!

The Rose ceremony. Michelle is playing a good game with Brad. She takes a different approach than the rest of the women. She gets Brad to notice her with sex appeal and she does it well, to say the least. I think at least a few dirty thoughts went through Brad Womack’s mind as Michelle was bossing him around during her one on one time at the rose ceremony. She’s on her “A” game, ladies! 

 There are always women who do not recieve a rose. It’s the name of the game. I was not surprised at all by Brad’s choices to be sent home. Actually, I could not even remember who these ladies were last night. If they didn’t stand out to us viewers…they definitely did not stand out to Brad.

Here’s the poll question for this week:  Which celebrity would you like to see as a Bachelor or Bachelorette? A) Jennifer Anniston (she told Allure magazine that the show was her guilty pleasure!!) B) John Mayer or C) Betty White

Feel free to post a comment, question, or your answer to the poll question of the week! I love to hear from you all and the best way to do that is here on my website! Also, I have been working very hard on a Bachelor aftershow called, Rose Recap. I host it with the one and only reality televsions expert, Nicole Seidman. It’s tons of fun! I will be posting a new episode this week! But, here is a cute picture of myself and Nicole to hold you over! 




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