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Bachelor: Episode 6

Well, well….here we are. Another week into The Bachelor, and love is in the air….literally. With Valentine’s day just around the corner, what more could we ask for other than watching a bunch of beautiful women falling in love with a hot man?! This week’s episode took us all on a journey straight to Costa Rica. If no one fell in love with Brad Womack, they definitely fell in love with this beautiful, tropical landscape!!

Chantal O got another one-on-one date. You go girl!! A lot of times, they do not give women multiple one-on-one dates until the “fantasy dates” roll around but, I was glad to see Chantal get another one because I enjoy watching the two of them together. Chantal is beautiful and Brad really seems to be taken with her. Chantal keeps Brad on his toes, and doesn’t let him get away with anything. They seem to laugh a lot together which is a good staple for a healthy relationship. Chantal reminds me of myself in more than one way. So, I like her! Brad seems to have a type, and Chantal fits right in there! It seems to rain on all of their dates. It just adds to the steam these two have created in their relationship thus far. I know Brad enjoyed seeing Chantal all comfy in his white dress shirt….and so did the rest of the millions of viewer’s watching! HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

For the group date, they went repelling down a water fall. This looks like fun…from far away! I am terrified of height’s so, hats off to all the ladies that were brave enough to do this. Not much to talk about on this group date other than Michelle acting crazy again. The whole punching Brad, was a bit annoying. Remember in grade school when we used to push and punch the boy we had a crush on? That is what this reminded me of. Since Michelle claims to be such a woman and so mature, it wasn’t very big on her part. Relationship 101, just be honest with your feelings and don’t play games…they are annoying and exhausting! Michelle seems to make everything about her and I am just getting a bit tired of it. She’s beautiful and hot, but looks can only get you so far in life. Come on Michelle, I was rooting for you!

As for Emily, we all know that I have said from day one that I just love her. The problem I see now is that Emily is not opening up very much. I think Brad really likes her and Emily also finds Brad very attractive, but I am not seeing any sparks there. I’m not sure if this is how Emily really is in person or if she may be very shy. I do know one thing though, Emily has to open up and give love a shot or she will find herself being very lonely after she realizes that she hasn’t truely opened up.

Lastly, two women were sent packing. Ali and Jackie. It comes as no surprise to me. There was absolutely no chemistry between Brad and either one of these beautiful ladies. Good luck Jackie and Ali. You will one day find the man you are meant to be with.

Please feel free to leave a comment or question…I love hearing from everyone! Here are a few answers to some questions you all have posted for me:
MaryLynn asked, “Do you think Britt is the dark horse?????” MaryLynn, I do not think Britt is the dark horse. I actually think Britt is going home next week. There is no chemistry between her and Brad.

Debbie C asked, “Ok, so, since you knew your final 4 at the first RC, did it feel “real” when you went out on dates with the other guys or were you just going through the motions??” Debbie, most of the time it felt real. There were just 1 or 2 dates where I was just going through the motions for the show because there was no chemistry between me or the guy. However, all of the men on my season were so nice, and I honestly enjoyed getting to know them. Also, some of the Bachelor’s or Bachelorette’s know pretty early on who is in the final 4…some final 2. Everyone is different. I think it takes a few weeks into the process to decide who your final one is. Feelings can always change at the drop of a hat during this process.


~Nicole and I filmed another episode of Rose Recap this morning. It was a fun one!! I will post it as soon as it is ready!

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